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What's New? (Updates from Our Online Store)

December, 2015

Sorrento Italian Market is overflowing with Christmas breads from Italy, many of which are available on our online store.

For the first time, we have imported directly from Italy the incredible Loison Panettone and Pandoro!  This means delicious, moist, all-butter panettone at their freshest and most affordable!


Boxed Panettone - $12.99  Boxed Pandoro - $12.99   Gift Box Panettone & Pandoro - $24.95         Gift Bag Panettone & Pandoro - $24.95

We are also continuing our holiday tradition of directly importing from Italy delicious and affordable Zaghis Panettone and Pandoro!

_wsb_241x182_DSCN0518     http://www.zaghis-spa.it/public/img/gestionesezioni/medium/img_1212015123323.jpg  http://www.zaghis-spa.it/public/img/gestionesezioni/medium/img_1372015193023.jpg  http://www.zaghis-spa.it/public/img/gestionesezioni/zoom/img_121201510442.jpg

Vera Panettone 1 kg - $7.99  Mini - $1.99  Specialty Panettone - $12.99  Tiramisu Panettone - $8.99  Chocolate Pandoro - $8.99


October 23, 2014

Sorrento Italian Market is pleased to announce the new Baking Items section of our Online Store.  From Panna da Cucina for great cream sauces to Gelatina in Fogli for the perfect Panna Cotta to Lievito for pizza or sweets, you'll find it all in our new Baking Items section!



May 30, 2014

Sorrento Italian Market is pleased (and excited!) to announce that we have just imported from Italy organic extra virgin olive oil from a farm in Tuscany.  The farm is called Poderaccio, and it is located near Incisa Valdarno between Florence and Chianti Country.  This is the first time Poderaccio's proprietor, Francesca Bellacci,  has exported her organic oil, and she is justifiably proud of it.  As you can see on her website:
The oil of Poderaccio comes from typical Tuscan varieties of olive plants such as Frantoio, Moraiolo, Pendolino. This year’s harvest was characterized by rich production with a low percentage of oil produced per kilogram. The extracted oil is of excellent quality with spicy and bitter notes particularly pronounced.
Simply put, olive oil of this type and quality rarely leaves Italy, and even more rarely comes from a single estate.  In fact, Poderaccio produces only 500 bottles per year, and we have almost 200 from their latest harvest!  We have made every effort to keep the price of this oil affordable as we hope sales will justify our contuining to import Poderaccio's olive oil every year, and perhaps expand our importing to other farms in the Valdarno.  If you are in Culver City, we hope you will stop by and give Poderaccio Organic extra Virgin Olive Oil a try.  If you cannot come to our market, Poderaccio Olive Oil is now available from our online store!



May 1, 2014

Over the past month, we have added a number of items ideal for Italian appetizers and antipasti plates.  From Bruschettini to Focaccini to Taralli to Carasau, we have the perfect Italian cracker to snack on or serve with your favorite topping.  We also carry the very popular Tutto Calabria line of antipasti; from hot pepper spreads to stuffed olives and beyond, we have something to spice up everyone's palate!



March 24, 2014

Our Colombe and Chocolate Eggs are now in our store and ready to ship.  Bring a little Italian flair to your Easter celebrations!


February 5, 2014

Even though Easter is still over two months away (April 20th this year), we've already received the first of many special products that we hope will add to your Easter celebrations.  From Munsterland in Germany, Gut Springenheide brings us hand-made Chocolate Truffle Easter Eggs.  What makes these eggs so special, besides their delicious solid chocolate-hazelnut filling, is that they come in real eggshells that are hollowed out, filled with chocolate, and decorated in an array of colors and patterns - truly German engineering at its best!

 Chocolate Truffle Easter Eggs                             Picturesque                                    Brilliant

 Polkas                                                     Pastel

January 7, 2014

Happy New Year from SorrentoItalianMarket.com!  We're starting 2014 by adding new products to our website; a variety of pasta from Maestri Pastai.  Based in the Campania region of Italy near Naples, Maestri Pastai uses traditional pasta-crafting methods handed down over generations, including the use of bronze plates and the natural drying of their pasta.  The result is a pasta with a rough surface that holds sauce better than most mass-produced pasta.  Select from over 18 varieties and we will ship them to you today!

      Foglie di Carciofo                    Fusilli Avellinesi           Spaghetti Lunghi Neri        Penne Cinque Colori       Bucatini Lunghi

December 18, 2013 (one week to go before Christmas!)

Our Loison line of Panettone and Pandoro is pretty much sold out, but we still have beautiful, delicious, and economic options available from Zaghis.  The Zaghis Bakery is located near Treviso in the Veneto region of Italy, and all of our products from Zaghis were baked in September, shipped in October, and have been on our shelves since only mid-November.  They are as fresh as can be for imported cakes, and since we imported Zaghis' products directly, we can offer them at affordable prices.  In this case, the lower price definitely does not mean lower quality!

Zaghis Pandoro Lusson - Sold Out!                    Zaghis Panettone Bon Bon $7.99                          Zaghis Specialty Panettone $14.99

These products are beautifully packaged and can be given as gifts without the need for additional wrapping.  There is still plenty of time left this week for local orders to ship and arrive before Christmas (in most cases, LA area orders arrive the next business day).  We also have 2nd Day Air and Overnight shipping options for those who live farther away.  We anticipate that much of our stock of holiday cakes will be sold at the store this weekend, so now is the time to order!

December 15, 2013

UPDATE: The Decadence that is Loison.

The demand for our Loison Products has been very strong, so we are sold out of the wrapped Loison Pandoro and have a limited number of their Boxed Pandoro remaining.  The Loison Panettone are also dwindling, so please order soon if you would like one.  All of our Pandoro are selling well, so now is the time to secure one!

December 9, 2013

The Decadence that is Loison.

From the small town of Costabissara, near Vicenza in Northern Italy, comes the dream of every Italian cake-lover and the nightmare of every dieter (like opening Pandoro's box?)!  For 75 years, the Loison family (starting with the soothingly-named patriarch, Tranquillo), have been perfecting the art of baking panettone and pandoro.  We carry a
very limited number of their products every year for their fans in Culver City.  They are among the more expensive bakery items we carry, but one taste explains why! 

UPDATE - Back in stock!  Loison's Pandoro, both Classic and Chocolate, are rich and tender, perfect for serving at a special party and toasting the next morning for breakfast.  As you can see below, they are beautifully wrapped.
                                                            Chocolate Pandoro in stock!          Pandoro Classico back in stock!

Loison's panettone, however, will challenge every notion you've ever had about the the traditional Italian sweet bread.  Moist, flavorful, and accented with almonds, coffee cream, or lemon cream these cakes will be a hit wherever they go.  It is their chestnut panettone, however, that warrants our keenest attention.  Baked with chunks of glazed chestnut rather than the traditional candied fruit, infused with a dreamy, sweet vein of chestnut paste, and beautifully packaged in a square box, you will be tempted to give it away as a gift at the risk of being haunted forever by what you might have eaten yourself!
                                                                          Sold Out

UPDATE  - Hurry!  We cannot stress enough that we have only a handful of these cakes available this holiday season, so order now if you are ready to fall under Tranquillo Loison's spell!


December 6, 2013

We are very excited to announce our latest arrivals from Italy! 

From Elah Dufour of Novi Ligure (near Genova) we have imported some new candies - an Italian version of gumdrops - called Big Frut.  These have been almost impossible to find in the US...until now!  We have chosen to import our favorite variety of citrus flavors that are so good you will just have to try them!  We will include some free samples in all of our December shipments and are certain you will be hooked.  Each candy is individually wrapped, so they are ideal for stocking stuffers or holiday candy bowls.  We are particularly in love with the grapefruit flavor, which always seem to disappear the fastest in our house.  We sell them in 180g bags, 450g cylinders ( a great gift idea!), or a 1 kg bag if you decide you need a lot!


Also just in from the Italian town of Colle Val D'Elsa near Siena, are a truly remarkable choice of products from the regional producer, Masoni Pietro.  We met them at a food fair in Milan this past spring and immediately fell in love with the quality and breadth of their products.  Their Sienese and Tuscan specialties include: These products are exceptional because they were baked fresh before shipping at the end of October, they follow authentic regional recipes, and they are incredibly priced because we imported them directly.  The Cantuccini, for example, are broader and slightly softer than what are usually imported to the US; they truly are comparable to what you would get from a Tuscan bakery in Italy!  A selection from our store is pictured below, but please visit Our Products for all of the different choices.


Finally, from Ponte di Piave, Italy (near Venice) are a wonderful assortment of traditional holiday cakes.  We ordered them directly from Zaghis, a local producer, at the beginning of September.  They baked our cakes and shipped them at the beginning of October, and we received them in November.  These are the freshest assortment of Panettone, Pandoro, and other traditional Italian goodies that you will find this holiday season.  Terrific for gifts, parties, desserts, or snacking! A selection from our store is pictured below, but please visit Our Products for all of the different choices.

 Panettone Vera 1 kg or 100g                       Bon Bon-Shaped Panettone          Zabaglione and Chocolate (Sold Out)

Radicchio, , Fig, and Rosso Panettone       Blueberry, Lemon, and Chocolate-Hazelnut Tarts